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How do I reactivate a test if a student was logged out during a break?

How do I reactivate a test if a student was logged out during a break?

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If your student is taking a high-stakes test and needs to have their test reactivated, perform the following steps:

Note: If the status is listed as “In Progress” in the test monitoring area of the Kite Educator Portal, the test can be re-entered using a Daily Access Code. If the student re-enters the test on the same day, then they will use the DAC for that day. If the student continues testing on a different day, a new DAC will need to be acquired.

  1. Log in to Kite Educator Portal.
  2. Click on the Manage Tests menu.
  3. Click on Test Coordination.
  4. Fill in any required drop downs and click search.
  5. Find and select the name of the test session in which the student needs to be reactivated.
  6. Click the Monitor tab.
  7. Status check: If the student’s test status is “In Progress,” the student’s test will not need to be reactivated and should be visible to the student when they login to Student Portal. If the test shows as “Complete,” it will need to be reactivated.
  8. Select the student by checking the box in front of the Student Record.
  9. Click the “Reactivate” button below the table and to the right side of the page.
  10. A message will confirm the reactivation, and the status of the test will change to “In Progress.” The student will now have to log back into the test using the Daily Access Code for the current day, moving through the sections in sequential order, starting with section 1, clicking the “End” button for each section. The answers previously entered by the student will be saved.

If a student is taking a math test which has calculator use/disuse requirements, and if the student has moved passed the no-calculator stage, they will enter the test after that section. Please contact Kite Support for more information.