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Ordering Braille Booklets

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The Kansas Assessment Program will be ordering braille testing booklets for students use on the 2023-24 summative and predictive interim assessments. For the summative assessment, please request braille booklets through the Personal Needs Profile (PNP) in Kite Educator Portal.

Booklets will be ordered for students who have “braille” selected on the “Language & Braille” tab of their PNP. Booklets will be ordered several weeks before the testing window opens, and we need an accurate count of how many to order. Educators are encouraged to ensure that the PNPs of all students in need of these booklets are up to date.

PNPs must be correct for all students who need regular braille assessment. The dates this information is needed by varies based on assessment. If any changes are made to your orders after this date or if you have questions, please email


Assessment Date When PNP Must Be Selected in Educator Portal
Summative November 30, 2023