KITE Client (TDE)

Status: No Issue

The KITE Client application is operating normally.


Educator Portal

​Status: No Issue

The KITE Educator Portal application is operating normally.

Known KITE Issues

Below is a list of known issues recently recorded in KITE Client and Educator Portal. These issues are currently being addressed and will be updated when we have additional information.

To see if an issue you were experiencing has been corrected, see our resolved issues page.

KITE Client Issues

04/14/15 When using KITE Client on iPad, the graphing calculator is slow to open and respond.

In some cases, when using KITE Client for iPad, users have reported that the graphing calculator is slow to open and respond. This issue seems to affect mostly the iPad 2.

Educator Portal Issues

04/14/15 Rosters displaying in student information, but not on the Rosters tab.

In a few cases, the student information screen displays rosters for the student, but those rosters are not displaying on the Rosters tab. This may cause a student to not receive a test ticket. This issue has been reported by one district.

04/14/15 Some students are not receiving tests because they were incorrectly marked as participating in the DLM program.

In a few cases, students who were incorrectly marked as participating in the DLM program are not receiving test tickets. This issue has been reported by several districts for a few students. If this occurs for your students, please notify the Help Desk.

04/14/15 Students remain in Educator Portal after an EXIT record is submitted.

In a few cases, students are remaining in the system after an EXIT record has been submitted. The issue affects a small number of students in a few districts.

KITE Features

The KITE system provides an online testing interface for students that includes practice items and formative tools. KITE has several components, including:

  • KITE Client, an application students use to take tests, and
  • KITE Educator Portal, an application that allows educators to enroll students in formative tests, monitor tests, and view reports.

KITE features include:

  • easy-to-use navigation through test items and test sections,
  • built-in tools and accommodations for improved student access, and
  • the ability to include technology-enhanced and technology-enabled item types for more realistic ways of assessing student skills.

Accessing the KITE Educator Portal

The KITE Educator Portal is an application built for the administration of assessments including enrollment and monitoring. To access the Educator Portal, a new login needs to be created.

Access the KITE Educator Portal website.

The following browsers support the KITE Educator Portal:

  • Firefox 24.3 ESR and above (recommended)
  • Safari 6.0.5
  • Internet Explorer 8 and above
  • Chrome 35 and above