The Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) includes a variety of tests aligned to Kansas' content standards, which help educators and policymakers evaluate student learning and meet the requirements for federal and state accountability.

MDPT Scoring

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! What a great problem to have – our MDPT student responses have been scored for ALL grades.

Many districts have dedicated upcoming professional development time for scoring the MDPT. Even though all responses are scored, teachers can still use this time to learn from the scoring process.

Please consider the following “Plan B” as an opportunity to utilize professional development time and learn from the scoring process:

Professional Development: Plan B

  • All sample tasks and training materials in ScorePoint (Online TQR section) will still be available for all grades.
  • As a staff or team, spend time scoring the sample tasks and discuss responses.
  • Practice off-grade scoring. For example, 4th grade teachers should try scoring the sample responses for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.
  • Discuss the following questions after you complete the scoring practice:
    • What did you notice about the student writing you scored at each grade level?
    • What strengths did you see?
    • What opportunities for improvement did you notice?
    • Think about your own students. What would make them stronger writers?
    • Think about your instruction. What do you do well with your instruction that supports good writing practices? What could you do differently to incorporate more writing into your classroom?  How do you teach students to effectively use evidence in writing without just “copying the resources”?
  • Explore the English Language Arts resources on the KSDE website!

Scorer Training
Complete the 2016 MDPT Scorer Training prior to logging in to ScorePoint:

Scoring Materials
CETE recommends that scorers have paper copies of these scoring materials nearby during training and scoring:

After completing the 2016 MDPT Scorer Training, log in to ScorePoint to score sample papers.

Go to ScorePoint »

Note: Google Chrome is the recommended browser for scoring. Although tablets may be used, scoring is best completed on a laptop or desktop computer. For technical assistance using ScorePoint, please call 1-877-997-0422.