Resolved Issues

Below is a list of previously reported issues with KITE Client and Educator portal that have since been resolved.

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Educator Portal Issues

Issue: Educator Portal is not accessible

Issue Start time:  9:51 AM

Issue End time: 10:06 AM

Student Impact:  None

Educator Impact:  Cannot access EP

Resolved KITE Client Issues

Kite Client for Windows – Shift + Mouse Wheel Click Opens a White Screen

In Kite Client for Windows, if a student holds the Shift key and clicks the mouse wheel, a white screen is displayed.

KITE Client for Mac – Can Access Preferences File after a Long Idle Time

When KITE Client for Mac has been open and idle for a significant amount of time (approximately eight (8) hours), a pop-up window will display a link at the bottom of the window. If students click that link, they can access the preferences file.

Kite Client for Chromebook – Orange Square Occasionally Displays

Sometimes, when using Kite Client for Chromebook, a solid orange block instead of an open black square appears to represent an unknown value.