Test tickets eliminated for summative and K – ELPA assessments


KAP would like to remind teachers that test tickets are no longer be available for summative assessments or tests that are part of the Kansas – English Language Proficiency Assessment (K – ELPA). Instead, usernames and passwords for students to access these tests may be found by downloading the Student Login Usernames/Passwords extract in Educator Portal. Or, if the student participated in interim testing this year, that student’s username and password may be found on his or her interim test ticket. Students will still also need a Daily Access Code to access these assessments, in addition to their username and password.

The Student Login Usernames/Passwords extract in KITE Educator Portal is located at Reports › Downloads. Daily Access Codes are found at Manage Tests › Test Coordination › View Daily Access Codes.

For more information about downloading Daily Access Codes, please access the Educator Portal Manual, the Kansas Examiner’s Manual (pages 34–35), and the K – ELPA Examiner’s Manual (pages 11, 20–21).