Score reports released for 2015 summative assessments


Educators may now access score reports for 2015 KAP summative assessments on the Reports tab of Educator Portal. Reports are available detailing performance of individual students as well as of schools and districts as a whole. Parents interested in learning of their child’s assessment results should contact their child’s school for information on the school’s plans for report distribution.

Detailed information about how to access score reports is available in chapter 7 of the Educator Portal Manual, beginning on page 19.

To learn more about how to interpret the various components of a score report, view our Interpretive Guide for Score Reports.

Additional information about the scale scores included on score reports and how they relate to Performance Levels may be found on our score reports page. Additionally, Performance Level Descriptors are available for download for each grade and subject area. These documents detail what students know and can do at each Performance Level.

Further details of the 2015 KAP summative assessments are available in the 2015 KAP Technical Manual.

In addition to score reports, KAP is releasing a selection of test items from the 2015 summative assessments along with analysis of these items’ difficulty to show parents the kinds of questions students faced in these exams and to illustrate to parents and educators the differences among student responses at various performance levels.

›  View released items for math

›  View released items for ELA