CANCELED: Listening Field Test Event


Update, 10/20/2015: October's listening field test has been canceled. It will be rescheduled for a later date. We apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation may have created.


Original post, 09/15/2015

The KAP Listening Field Test (FT) Event will take place the week of October 26, 2015. The field test will require students to listen to three audio stimuli. After each audio stimulus is presented, the students will respond to two questions about the audio stimulus. It is estimated that most students will need between 20 and 30 minutes to complete the field test.

All students, regardless of their district or school, are welcome to participate in this event. In fact, wide participation is encouraged so that most students can see what the listening test items will be like before testing in the spring. However, to ensure that enough students respond to each item for stable performance statistics to be obtained and that those students comprise a state-representative sample for each item, many school districts have been assigned to participate at selected grade levels.

A spreadsheet indicating which grade levels have been assigned to each district or school is available below. Each district in Kansas has a row in the sheet, and the district’s name and number are provided. In one case only a school building number and name are provided. This case is listed at the start of the Excel sheet.

Other columns in the sheet contain grade levels: grades 4–9, and grade 11. Note that this FT event uses an “off-grade” testing design where grade 3 items will be administered to grade 4 students, grade 4 items will be administered to grade 5 students, and so on. This design is commonly used for FT events that occur in the fall. Within the grade columns, “1” indicates that the school/district should test all students at that grade level whereas “0” indicates testing is optional for students at that grade level.

» Download Field Test Assignments (removed)