Kansas Educators Gather in Lawrence for ELA Item Writing Event


In November 2018, Kansas English Language Arts educators, KSDE staff, and Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) trainers gathered for a multi-day workshop in Lawrence. With more than 500 years of classroom experience between them, they joined forces to draft nearly 300 questions for the Kansas Assessment Program. Before making their way onto a KAP test, these questions will undergo a series of rigorous reviews by ELA teachers, KSDE staff, and assessment and accessibility experts.

Feedback from the event indicates that teachers who participated enjoyed the collegial nature of the test development process. 

“The whole process felt productive and invigorating. I love the collaboration of all the professionals in the room,” one educator said.

Another was pleased to see more clearly how Kansas instructional standards are reflected in the Kansas Assessments.

“The biggest takeaway was learning how to relate standards to the state test and understanding how the questions are made.”

KAP staff are grateful for the efforts and enthusiasm teachers brought to the task. We look forward to continuing this collaboration in the coming years!

"I truly believe this was a very beneficial training and experience. It has been super informative and I feel that I have a deeper understanding of the process of writing good assessment items."


"This was an amazing opportunity. Thank you for giving Kansas educators the opportunity to be involved."