New interim mini-tests now available


New interim assessment resources, designed to help teachers gauge students’ learning progress and make appropriate instructional adjustments, are now available in Educator Portal for administration through KITE™ Client.

Teachers can assemble an interim test by selecting from a pool of mini-tests in an intuitive interface in Educator Portal, which makes administration quick and easy. Created from content based on the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards, the mini-tests feature an assortment of item types that students may encounter during the spring summative assessments. A variety of topics for English language arts and math are covered. Teachers can preview the items and passages on the mini-tests to determine their relevancy to recent classroom instruction and learning objectives.

After administering an interim test, teachers can use Educator Portal to access a variety of reports regarding their students’ performance to help inform instructional adjustments.

These new resources represent the first phase of CETE’s multistage rollout of extended interim assessment resources that will continue through the 2017–18 school year. During the initial phase of the rollout, CETE will monitor performance on interim assessments and then map that performance to students’ performance on the spring summative assessments. After analyzing the correlation between students’ performance on interim and summative assessments, CETE will develop predictive tools that teachers can use to make concrete projections about an individual student’s performance on the summative assessments based on that student’s interim results throughout the year. The release of these tools is planned for next year.

CETE and KSDE encourage educators to make use of the new mini-tests this school year. The tests’ simple administration and thoughtful content should prove an asset to educators, and strong engagement from the field will enable CETE to expand its bank of mini-tests for the future. Without sufficient teacher engagement in this first year of release, however, CETE cannot gather enough data to allow for summative prediction next year.

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