Student Portal Installation FAQs

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Can I install Kite Student Portal on any device?

Kite Student Portal can only be used on supported devices and platforms. To view the most updated list of supported devices, visit the Kite Technology page.

Should I install the .exe or .msi version on my Windows device?

Two Student Portal installers, an .exe and .msi, are available to download for Windows testing devices. You can install and run either one of the installers on your machine or a network administrator can push the install to the devices that students will user for testing. The .msi package is typically used by network administrators in order to deploy the software to multiple devices on the same network, but users that wish to download Student Portal on a single testing device can still use the .msi installer to successfully install the application.

Does Student Portal need to run in Kiosk Mode on my Chromebook?

Accessing Student Portal using a Chromebook or Chromebox must be done in Kiosk mode. On most newer, unmanaged Chrome devices, Kiosk mode is disabled. You may not be able to successfully install Kite Student Portal on an unmanaged device. Is this case, you will need to install the application through Google Admin console using the app ID found in the Chromebook installation manual. If you are still having trouble, please contact your testing coordinator.

Do I need to update the existing Student Portal application on my Chromebook?

Users must verify the settings in the Chromebook’s Google Admin console and MDM software allows for apps to update automatically. If so, your device should update automatically to the new version of ChromeOS.

I am a network administrator for a school or district. Are there any URLs that need to be whitelisted in order for Student Portal to run on the testing devices?

The Kite Technology team understands the importance of network security. To ensure smooth testing, you must add our application and corresponding URLs to your allowed list in your antivirus, firewall, content filter. This will allow the Student Portal application to successfully pass through any SSL decryption. Please see the Kite Suite Whitelist Settings document for the complete list of URLs to whitelist.