Kite Technology Practice

Kite® Technology Practice tests are available for Kansas educators to help prepare students for assessments within the Kansas Assessment Program. These tests familiarize students with test navigation, tools and item types that may appear on tests. These questions are for practicing the technology of the test and are not meant to illustrate the rigor and complexity of content that students will encounter on an operational test. Educators can find additional information on interacting with the student portal, online tools, and item types in the new Kite Technology Practice Test – Educator's Guide.

Tests are available both with and without Personal Needs Profile (PNP) settings for elementary (grades 3-5), middle school (grades 6-8), and high school (grades 9-11). Tests may be accessed any number of times and do not record answers entered. Login credentials for accessing the Kite Technology Practice Tests for ELA, math, and science can be found below and in the Kite Technology Practice – Educator’s Guide.

ELA, Math, and Science Logins – No PNP Settings

Grades Username Password
3-5 elem.practice GATE5
6-8 middle.practice JAZZ4
10-11 high.practice SENT2

ELA, Math, and Science Logins – PNP Settings

Grades Username Password
3-5 pnp.elem.practice TAKE8
6-8 pnp.middle.practice SWAMP
10-11 pnp.high.practice WRAP4