Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment 2 (KELPA2)

Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment 2

English Language Proficiency Standards

These standards were strategically designed to streamline the process of learning in English and meeting college-and-career-ready standards in academic subject areas by allowing students to gain English proficiency and learn other subjects at the same time. KELPA2 assessments are broken into four parts corresponding with the four domains reflected in the English Language Proficiency Standards: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

KELPA2 assessments are entirely computer-based for students in grade 2 and beyond. K–1 students take a mostly computer-based exam but also complete a small numbers of writing items by paper and pencil. KELPA2 assessments are delivered through Kite Client every spring along with regular KAP summative assessments.

Accommodations for KELPA2

Students taking KELPA2 assessments may be provided additional accommodations if deemed appropriate by their teachers. These accommodations come in the form of additional tools and supports in the testing interface. All accommodations on KELPA2 assessments must meet the accommodation guidelines of the broader Kansas Assessment Program. Please refer to the KELPA2 Examiner’s Manual for details about the tools available to help students navigate KELPA2 assessments.