Interim FAQs

Understanding Interim Assessments

What is an interim assessment?

Two types of interim assessments are available: predictive interim assessments and interim mini-tests.

Predictive interim assessments are taken more frequently than the summative assessment, which is the high-stake assessment given at the end of the school year. Interim assessments are referred to as benchmark, diagnostic, and/or predictive. Periodic predictive assessment allows educators to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills relative to a specific set of academic goals; the interim assessments can inform decisions at the classroom level and beyond, such as at the school or district level.

Predictive interim assessments provide an estimate of future performance on Kansas summative assessments. Interim assessments allow educators to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills relative to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards in English Language Arts and mathematics.

Interim mini-tests, which are part of the Kansas interim assessment system, are used frequently during the course of instruction to provide feedback to help students, to evaluate students’ learning, and to aid teachers in adjusting instruction.

Who can use the interim assessment system? 

Any educator associated with a student through KIDS TASC records can assign interim assessments to students and can view student results for both interim mini-tests and predictive assessments. Additionally, Building Test Coordinators and District Test Coordinators can view interim assessment activity for teachers in their buildings or districts.

How do I access the interim assessments? 

Interim assessments are accessed in Educator Portal. Mini-tests can be scheduled for administration at any time during the school year. Predictive interim assessments are available three times a year for ELA and three times a year for math. Predictive interim assessments are automatically rostered for any student with a TASC record.

Can a grade 9 student take a predictive interim assessment if a TASC upload is submitted for that student? Can a grade 11 student take a predictive interim ELA assessment if that student is enrolled in a grade 10 English class? 

No. The predictive interim assessment is for grade 10 students. Grade 9, grade 11, and grade 12 students may not take the predictive interim assessment.

How do students take interim assessments?

Students take interim assessments the same way they take KAP summative tests. On a device with Kite Student Portal installed, any interim assessments assigned to that student are visible in the appropriate subject area (i.e., math or ELA) under the KAP tab.

Can students take the interim mini-tests more than one time? 

Yes, but it is not recommended. If a student had complete misconceptions in learning and it is believed that another attempt would yield a more accurate score for the student, then a student could retake an interim mini-test.

Will science or other subjects be included in the future?

It is not CETE’s current plan to include science or other subjects in the interim assessment system. CETE’s focus is building interim assessments in ELA and math; however, if a need exists for other subjects, then further study will be done to determine whether it is feasible to broaden the focus to other content areas.

Can I use the interim assessments to let my students practice for the summative assessment to become familiar with the tools on the assessments?

Practice tests, called Kite Technology Practice, are available for developing student familiarity with tools. A Kite Technology Practice Test – Educator's Guide is available to help educators walk students to become familiar with the tools on the assessment. The interim assessments assist teachers in gauging how students are performing regarding learning goals and assist in determining what additional instruction is needed in the classroom to help students be successful.

Do students need to use a Daily Access Code to take interim assessments?

No. Students need to provide only their username and password to take an interim assessment. The same username and password will be used on the summative assessment.

Can a student log back in to finish an interim assessment?

Yes, as long as the testing window for that interim assessment is still open.

Where can I find additional information about the interim assessment?

On this website, you can find the Interim User Guide plus additional information by clicking the tabs above and in the Interim Score Report section.

Can virtual students use the interim assessment system?

The interim assessment system includes secure materials. Virtual students may participate in the interim assessments if the assessment is administered at a proctored testing site.

May I print and/or share the interim assessment items and passages? 

To maintain the security of the items, CETE recommends that interim assessment items not be printed for distribution. Items or passages that are printed for educational conversations should be shredded upon completion of those discussions.