About Interim Assessment

Interim assessment is a means by which teachers can gauge their students’ learning progress by administering formal tests periodically throughout the school year.

Along with summative assessments and properly implemented formative assessment processes, interim assessments constitute an integral part of a robust assessment system. Well-implemented interim assessment helps ensure that students and teachers remain engaged in a feedback loop that not only measures students’ success in mastering material but also actively promotes ever-increasing student achievement.

Interim assessment resources are available to Kansas educators through Kite Educator Portal. Teachers may construct interim tests for administration through Kite Student Portal by combining readymade mini-tests available for a variety of topics in English language arts and math. The mini-tests feature content derived from the Kansas Standards and an assortment of item types that students may encounter on summative assessments. Teachers may preview the items and passages on each mini-test to ensure correlation with recent instruction.

Predictive tools were added to the interim assessment system in the 2017–18 school year. These tools allow teachers to predict individual students’ summative performance based on those individual students’ performance on interim tests throughout the year.

Predictive tests are available three times during the school year within set testing windows.  Because state standards in ELA and Mathematics were revised, the following grades will have predictive tests:

Content Area Grade Testing Window
ELA Grades 3-8, 10 Fall, Winter, Spring
Math Grades 3-7 Fall, Winter, Spring
Math Grade 8 Fall and Winter
Math Grade 10 Not available - No predictive tests are provided at grade 10 in 2018-2019