What’s Available: Social Studies

How do I know what is available?

There are two types of documents, Primary Source Documents and Writing Prompt Documents.

Primary Source Documents are HTML representations of sources that were identified as useful and relevant at each grade. These are identified by their official title (e.g., US Constitution) or a short, descriptive title identifying the content (e.g., Negative Confession).

Writing Prompt Documents are identified by their standard, unit, and big idea. The first part of a writing prompt document provides a general prompt that sets the stage for the activity and identifies the texts that may best support the activity. Following the general prompt are multiple writing prompts, targeting benchmarks 1, 2, and 3 of the HGSS standard identified for the set.

Rubrics for evaluating student writing in HGSS are available at the KSDE website:

Grades 6 and 8Grade 11

Most of the HGSS prompts are argumentative, although occasionally there may be other writing types.