Formative Tools for English Language Arts

Because turning observations about student reasoning into calculated instructional adjustments is often a difficult task, the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation has made available a number of resources designed to aid teachers in providing immediate, descriptive feedback for redirecting student learning.

Primary among these resources are a number of learning map images designed to help teachers identify their students' unique strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint means by which students may advance to their next learning goal. Each learning map is accompanied by a number of specially designed instructional tools, designed to help teachers leverage the maps to their fullest potential.

Instructional tools accompanying these maps include:

  • Teacher Notes – essential contextual information for teachers about how students are likely to learn specific content and what challenges specific content may present students
  • Instructional Activities – suggested activities and student handouts for teaching specific content, complete with guiding questions that will help illuminate students’ thought processes so teachers can evaluate students’ progress
  • Student Handouts – specially designed activities for students to complete during the lesson to provide individual practice and opportunities for teachers to check for understanding

These resources are not designed to form the basis for grading student work. However, teachers may use these resources as they see fit to aid in realizing a robust formative assessment process that promotes authentic learning and enhances student achievement.

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Grade 4 Resources

RI.4.2  Writing a Summary


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