KSDE assessment results for 2016 available August 3


The following communication was provided by KSDE to District Test Coordinators on July 25, 2016. Please refer any questions regarding this information to KSDE.

On August 3, 2016, the 2016 state assessment results in ELA and math will be available for review at the KSDE authenticated website. The Measurable Objectives 2 application has been renamed Academic Measures of Student Success (AMOSS), and any person who had access to the Measurable Objectives 2 application will automatically have access to AMOSS. 

The data displayed in AMOSS may be different from the data found in the KITE™ Educator Portal. CETE provides information on all students who took the assessments regardless of entry or exit dates. KSDE applies business rules to the data for purposes of identifying the September 20 student population and the post-September 20 population. KSDE usually refers to the September 20 population as “accountability” and the post-September 20 population as “participation” or “building report card”.

Another difference between the CETE reports and the KSDE data found in AMOSS and used for the report card is the overall English Language Arts Performance Level. CETE combined the MDPT and the machine-scored part of the test into one overall Performance Level. KSDE will not report MDPT scores to the public. KSDE will use the machine-scored part of the test for accountability and report card purposes only.

Additional information about checking the data in the AMOSS authenticated application will be provided closer to the August 3 release date. Information about the 2017 assessment window, the format of the assessments, and notice of other changes and updates will be provided later in August.

Please be reminded that the report review window for submitting errors to CETE regarding reports in KITE Educator Portal ends August 8. Revised/corrected reports will be available in Educator Portal August 15. We suggest that you wait until after August 15 to print and distribute those reports.